God Made a Way when I had Cancer- Jim Kow

Dec 2, 2012 by Adeline Lum CM-


05.05.05 is a date of special significance to Jim Kow, managing director of a Perodua outlet in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. It was the day he was diagnosed with Nose Cancer Stage 3A, or medically called as Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC), a risky stage where cancer could spread to other locations.



His world collapsed! But just as how Annie Johnston Flint put it:

He giveth more grace when the burden grow greater, He sendeth more strength when the labors increase.

For the first two weeks from his diagnosis, his cell group members would visit him every day to pray for him. There were others including those who hardly knew him or he knew them, had also prayed for him.

A successful remisier, Jim was offered by one of his clients to buy a Perodua dealership. Although he hesitated in the beginning, he eventually bought over the dealership at a very affordable price, a few weeks before Myvi was launched.

A time of immense hope and future for Jim! But one week after he officially bought over the dealership, he was diagnosed with nose cancer.



“Had I known of my disease earlier, I would not have taken the dealership,” said Jim.

But God blessed Jim with a reliable and sincere partner. His friend was willing to manage the remising business when Jim was not able to work due to recuperation from radiation and chemotherapy.

“My friend is God-sent! He did not mind relocating to a further office in order to service my clients and has done a tremendous job. He actually manages my business better than me,” said Jim.  A friend like this would be hard to find.

At that time in year 2005, Myvi was also a very popular model, having clients willing to book and wait a year for it. Hence, the business was reaping profit without worry. As he puts it, his business went on “auto-cruise.”



How amazing it is to have a profitable business from the start.

Jim never heard from God. Hence, he asked God to show him signs. After planning, he asked God for directions.

“I always asked God to place obstacles in front of me if it’s not God’s Will. If everything is smooth-sailing and I feel comfortable, then it is God’s Will for me,” said Jim. This is the reason Jim felt his business was given by God!

In 2007, he attended the first Relay of Life in KL, getting to know many survivors. Two years later, he brought 200 survivors and friends to join his Battalion in the 2009 edition. He is currently the organizing chairman of a cancer support-sharing group, with the support of Lions Club of KL Sentul. They hold monthly meetings at his house in USJ inviting guest speakers such as oncologist, pharmacist, herbalist, dietitian and others.



“Finding out that you have cancer is a scary thing. I want to share my experience, knowledge, fears and thoughts and help them in their treatment journey. A strong mind leads to strong body. I want to help them build confidence in themselves,” said Jim.

One of the patients he had been helping with was Hee Fui Ching, who despite the spreading of her cancer from her nose to ovary, lung, liver and eventually her backbone, she remained cheerful with hope. Her positivity did not go unnoticed, that even media outlets picked up her story. She left to return home on April 2011.



Now, Jim is a cancer-free man and this year 2012 is the seventh year he had been in remission! Praise the Lord!

His family was blessed—his daughter will be graduating to become a doctor, and his son received a full scholarship from the Hong Kong government for an engineering degree. His wife is healthy as well, and is currently helping him in his business.


Jim Kow with son and daughter- Ivan and Ivy


Although he has some hiccups in managing his Perodua business, God has always been good to him! Every year, he would go on an incentive overseas trip sponsored by the national Perodua Corporation. So far, he has visited Austria, Hungary, Japan, Egypt, Dubai, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil and United States twice!


Trusting God, he is not worried about anything. Every morning, before he starts his day, he would listen to Don Moen singing, “God will make a way”.

He will make a way! Do you trust God?



For more information on Jim Kow’s Cancer Support Sharing Group, please email Jim at jim_kow@yahoo.com

To learn about practical advices for cancer patients, you can also read Jim’s account of his experiences in the recent November Esquire Malaysia magazine

For the beautiful love story between HeeFuiChing and her husband, please visit http://www.asiaone.com/Health/News/Story/A1Story20110110-257378.html



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