From Humble Beginnings to Great Things: Jeshurun Vincent

Jeshurun Vincent performing at Patong Beach Phuket


It was a festive occasion on September 9th 2017, Saturday, at Kajang Assembly Of God, as they celebrated one of their most renowned members, Jeshurun Vicent. To those who may not know who he is, Jeshurun is a Kajang boy who became world renowned through his exploits by travelling to over more than 45 countries in about 3 years. He did this while having a full-time job, and for the cause of sharing God’s love through the medium of music, in which Jeshurun specialises by his smooth skills on the guitar. The event was a launching of his book, a short biography of his life, Into the Potter’s Hands, and I Found My Hope music album.


Jeshurun (second from left) at the launching event for his new book and album.


At the opening, Jeshurun entered the hall playing his guitar walking down the aisle. As he would later describe, it was like a wedding day, but only between him, and his guitar. He was then interviewed onstage by the host of the night Leong Chee Onn.

Upon starting Jeshurun shared how initially he was never born with any musical talents.

“During my time in school, we all had to learn how to play the recorder. While my friends could already play the Titanic song, I could barely manage with Mary had a Little Lamb,” he recalls.  

“My first audience was my mum. She was the one who sent me to music class.”


Pr Calvin, senior pastor of Kajang Assembly of God, officiating the launch of the new book and album.


On what really made him pursue what he does now, he said it all started when he was 19 years old.

“That was my turning point. It was when I lost my hearing on one side of my ear,

‘There were many people who tried to encourage me but some didn’t.

“People were saying things like I might have done something wrong, so I was being disciplined by God,

“It was so bad that when the phone rang for example, I couldn’t detect where the phone was,”

Finally deciding not to give into self-pity, he decided to turn to God.  

To his surprise he got a word from the Lord which was that he would be sent to many nations, where he would not be able to speak their language.


Jeshurun has visited many countries. With VTV Maldives (above) and Rhema FM, Auckland, New Zealand (below).


“I was scared at first. If I did not know the language, how was I to survive? Then I realised that I was looking at the Mountain, not the God who could overcome the mountain,”

It was then that Jeshurun began his journey. It had not been an easy going to so many countries. Even more so that he had an interesting set of 3 rules which were:


  • Not to ask anyone for money for the journey
  • Not to create sympathy to get money for travel, by making a sad face.
  • Whatever money he had that was the only money he needed to travel.


By following these rules, they were steps of faith in God. Anything beyond his planning was in God’s control.

“There was even a time I travelled to Paris with only 52 euros,” he recalls.


Being interviewed by the host (Leong Chee Onn).


Among the mountains he faced, were from family who were unsure about his decision. Was it worth the money to travel for such a short time? Where would the finances come from? There was also the language barrier. But he gave thanks to God for Google Translate, although there were times he did have trouble communicating especially in Shanghai. With every challenge, came God’s promise to help overcome.

Among the exciting things was to meet a contact point, a church or individual who would invite him over to their service at any country he went to.  This was no a pre-arranged itinerary. When he met his contact points, he sometimes did not even know them.

But it was worthwhile, as he some of the people got back to him, and told them how he had touched their lives through his work.


With the host family (above) and at a studio (below) in Shanghai.


There was even a special guest among the audience that night, Shazal, whom Jeshurun met 2 years ago, going to Bhutan. Shazal was going to Bangladesh. It was a 6-hour transit and the two became friends.

“Although it can be very tiring at times it is also God’s blessing, that I can sometimes get 3-4 seats all for myself on the plane,” Jeshurun recounts on his sleeping hours on while travelling.

His number one favourite country that he had travelled to was Mongolia, he explained. This was due to the interesting experience of braving through the -30 degrees weather there.

“As I left the plane, it felt like I had ice water poured on my clothes,” he explains

Besides Jeshurun, three other individuals were also invited to the stage to share some of the spotlight. The first was Raymond, Jeshurun’s friend, a composer and music editor. It was him who helped Jeshurun complete the album in 3 weeks. Raymond was only 20 years old, but already produced two albums.


Jeshurun himself was part of the C-Four-J band.


The next was Alex, who was also the person who inspired Jeshurun to write the book.

Alex himself was in a band, famous to the Malaysian Christian music scene. Coming from a small church in Cheras, he states his band is one of the first Malaysian Christian Rock Band. Their songs inspire God’s love in the form of metal. So he joked the band has raised many eyebrows when they come to play at churches. Yet their music attracted people groups of many different background such as those who were struggling with addictions, and so on. It was the start of a ministry.

Alex met Jeshurun during a gig in Bangkok. He was the friend of the band’s bassist. It was after Bangkok that Jeshurun starting sending voice messages to Alex and his bandmates about his travels that they started off as good friends. As Jehurun’s voice notes became more personal so did the relationship. Alex became a prayer partner to him who would come from trips, and someone to share testimonies to. He then suggested to Jeshurun to write a book and share his story to others struggling in the faith.


At the International Gospel Music Festival at Pattaya Beach.


“Jeshurun doesn’t tell me what he is going to do, but what he has already done,” Alex quotes.

“In a way it inspired me to do whatever I can in my own capacity, especially in church. Don’t tell the world your plans, let the world tell what you did. It’s between you and God. Obedience to His guidance is what counts,” Alex said referring to how Jeshurun’s colleagues discovered his activity through an article written in paper.

The final interview was with Jeshurun father.


With Jeshurun’s father (center)


“I am proud of my son. He pursued what God has called him to do,” was the word of encouragement he gave.

Jeshurun’s parting words for the night was a question.

“What is life about?”



“Analysing my own life I ask, which is more important. What impact I want to give to the people. From there I was inspired to write the album. Something to inspire others.

“The one thing I share is you won’t know about tomorrow. Trust me, step out and find your life change, so you can be a blessing to others. At the end of the day, when someone meet you, and tells about how you touch their life, that is the happiest thing that I hear. When you start with the possible, you will see God do the impossible things in your life.”


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