Forever Mine

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Lord whatever happens to me , You heal.

Whenever I am alarmed, you say, “Still “.

Wherever I go You follow me faithfully

O God, I will love You always, gratefully.


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You are all around and within me always.

Jesus , You are all astounding and amaze

Me especially when Your Holy Presence

Shines  even if it is only for few seconds!


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I will worship Your Name now and forever.

O God ! You  are my entire Mighty Savior.

Where can I go ? You are Omnipresence

Omnipotent  and  Divine Rabbi in Essence.


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I have been saved by You for my sins.

You were resurrected  and ever since

You are my God as no other sacrificed

His Life as You had  Abided and prized

Father’s Will on The Cross as a holy sign.

Jesus  Christ! My Lord, Your  are forever mine.


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