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9 January 2020 by Robin Piong –


The year 2020 started with a bang as a new ministry known as Revival Fire Movement (RFM) was formed. An official signing on the 2nd January 2020 of the Revival Fire Movement trust deed by the RFM board of trustees was held in the School of Acts.

The meeting was attended by about 60 people who are pastors and Christian leaders from all over the country who witnessed the signing.

This ministry was founded by 3 Christian key leaders, Dato’ Chua Jui Meng, Rev. Raymond Mooi, and Rev. Augustine Saang, when God spoke to them about the need to unite the churches in Malaysia as a body of Christ so as not to be divided.


Dato’ Chua explaining the vision behind RFM.


Dato’ Chua shared about our Lord Jesus’ prayer in John 17:21, where He appealed that Christians and the church should be one, just as Jesus is one with God our Father. Dato’ Chua also spoke about the crisis in the Church in West Malaysia and the apparent dwindling of the Christian population.

One of the reasons for this crisis is the many inward-looking churches and the unwillingness of churches to work together and to fulfil the Great Commission. An inward-looking church is a dying church and the way to move forward must be through love for the Lord and your neighbors, which are the people.

Dato’ Chua gave a summary and an explanation of the purpose of the trust. The purposes are as follows:


  1. To help bring together churches in Malaysia & elsewhere to usher in the Spiritual Revival through the leadership of the Holy Spirit

  2. To help foster a Spiritual Movement of Kingdom-minded Churches and believers who are committed to pray, intercede, and act for the Revival of the Malaysian churches and elsewhere

  3. To seek to awaken and restore the Anointing presence and power of the Holy Spirit in every sphere of the believer’s and Church lives

  4. To pray, desire, and seek the manifestation and utilization of the Fruit and Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit for the building up and growth of the Body of Christ

  5. To renew the focus on the preaching of the Word (Faith), presence of Good Works (Love) and demonstration of Signs and Wonders (Power) in the Market Place.

  6. To promote cooperation, partnership, and mutual support of like-minded Churches. Organisations and Believers in all initiatives that seek to bring forth Kingdom Consciousness, Spiritual Revival and Kingdom Growth in Malaysia and elsewhere

  7. To encourage and hasten Churches and believers in Malaysia and elsewhere to obey and fulfil the Great Commandment of Unity and Oneness of the Body of Christ, the Great Commandment of Love, and the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ       


There were also several speeches given by corporate partners of RFM. This includes Ritchie Tay of Haggai Institute, Leong Sea Heng of EEM, and Lukas Tandadjaja of EEI.


Among the trustees of RFM


These are the list of the trustees;


  1. Dato’ Chua Jui Meng – Chairman
  2. Rev Raymond Mooi – Principal of School of Acts
  3. Rev Augustine Saang
  4. Rev George Pandung – Chairman of Gempuru Besai of the Ibans
  5. Rev Andi Anyi of SIB in the Rock, Miri
  6. Brother Tan Tek Seng – Chairman of Family First Malaysia and Ex-President of FGBMFI
  7. Pastor Anne Low – Secretary-General of SEA Prayer Council
  8. Pastor Sam Surendran – Chairman of the BM Commission of NECF
  9. Dato’ Kenny Ng
  10. Rev Damien Chua – MD of Arrows School


Fellowship with Dato’ Chua and Bro Tan Tek Seng


The meeting concluded with prayers and lunch fellowship.


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