How to Achieve your New Year Resolution?

8 Jan 2013 by Joseph Tan-


Now, that we are 7 days into the new year of 2013, how are you doing in achieving your goals? The path to big dreams is often littered with the motivation of good intentions. However, those who truly succeed in achieving their goals go beyond their intentions and apply the discipline of inspection. The root cause of failure to meet goals is often linked to an underestimation of our human nature. That is why we need to apply the wisdom of making advance provision for accountability and inspection so that during moments of weakness and temptation, we have a sure "anchor" to hold us true.


Do not give up on your goals. Let your past failures increase your level of self-awareness so that you design an appropriate inspection system to overcome the pull of human nature.

"Goals not written down are just wishes" – Anonymous.

Intention versus Inspection



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