A New and Growing International Youth Service!

27 Sept 2012, by Natasha Kim, CM –

First Baptist Church also known as FBC, is an Evangelical Baptist Church committed to reproducing the life of Jesus in their own lives. They are committed to sharing the gospel with their community and reaching out further to others as well. Their emphasis is placed on expository bible preaching, servant leadership, discovering and developing spiritual gifts to build up the body. The mission of the Church is to establish an enduring and effective witness of our Lord Jesus Christ, making disciples in the Subang Jaya community and beyond. Other than prayer and worship, the Church also focuses on leadership and mobilization, ministry training, expository preaching, biblical training, restoring the lost generation and of course fostering genuine Christian relationships among each other. It is a large establishment that is full of enthusiastic and friendly people, and the Church is able to accommodate as many people who want to come and know God.

Recent Talk 15/09/12

On this particular Saturday, a celebration service was held by the FBC campus ministry (ConneXion). It is a ministry which sees many different youths from all over the world local and international coming together to praise and worship God. The service itself however officially started out only a few months ago when Michael Kena from Ghana, and group of his friends came up with the idea of having a Saturday Service in the evening for the youth. Michael is a youth from First Baptist Church and he is also a part of the FBC campus ministry that has been supporting him since he came up with the idea. He felt his calling to start an international youth service because many international students are often busy and sometimes unable to make it at the usual Sunday service that FBC has on a weekly basis.

This particular service is held from 4.30 to 6.30 p.m at FBC every first and third Saturday of the month. At the moment, this service currently has a small number of attendees, amounting to roughly 30 people including the band on stage, but it has a lot of potential to grow as it is still very new. The campus ministry also offers various activities to benefit everyone such as, free weekly English classes, Bible discussions, Chat with Cha, FBC Fitness house (free), outings and fun activities, festive celebrations and of course they offer the MyHost Friendship Programme, where one can develop true friendship with a Malaysian host family and improve your stay in Malaysia.

Today at the service, Pastor Mark Tan preached at FBC, and he preached about marriage, how it has changed, and how the venues these days are dictated by what is nice or what is convenient. The big question he says, is that people ask, why is it that when we want to start a new with our lives, that we go to Jesus a man who has never married, never taken any exams or driven a car. He also talked about how men and women were made to be equal and love each other as well as God. However he says, we love ourselves so much that we try to make our lives better by ourselves and in efforts to acquire the five C’s of a Singaporean namely, cash, condominium, country club membership, car and career. He continues by saying that we think that it will make us so much better. Selfless commitment to one another has become a selfish desire. There is not supposed to be a mutual profit in marriage, and that is why we learn how to be selfless.

Marriages in our lives are redeemed through Jesus Christ and He gives us another chance. In short he talked about how we should learn commitment through Jesus and that we should be like him because Christ gives us a chance to live life fully and abundantly. Pastor Mark ended his sermon by saying, that we should live God’s purpose and not be deceived by the idols of this world and that includes the five C’s because all these things are temporary. Let us not rely on ourselves or idolize ourselves because our strength is so limited.


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