You Are My God

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As I set my gaze above I see the  stars

Cradled in skies around though scarce

The stillness of the nights are in One

With God till the awakening of dawn.


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Morning tweets from birds’  greetings

And chirps for food from their seedlings.

Lord! Heavy are we  with worldly senses.

You are My God! You will enlighten us.




God, I decree a mountain to move.

 I  know You are in me to approve.

For You are  my only Stronghold,

No enemy shall reach my  Hold.


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Persecution is there to overcome.

Your Grace and Mercy songs I hum.

Who can harm  me when You are here.

Jesus You are My God, all time Seer.




Let there be a thousand death valleys,

You are with me, Father God , at Ease!


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