UNSTOPPABLE CONFERENCE | 21-23 September 2017 @ Metro Tabernacle



We are halfway through 2017!
In need of a new direction for the season?
Looking for a boost to reach that goal?

Need to know what God is saying?

If we are honest, we feel clueless sometimes (many times). And while the world around us keeps singing the anthem of hopelessness, God is calling us to sing another kind of anthem. The anthem of His promise and His power!

We are into our 3rd year of the Unstoppable Conference and every year is unique with speakers and topics carefully curated for churches and Christians of all walks of life. It is a coaching conference that will help you to think and act glocal with your life, career and walk with God.  

Expect power-packed speakers with years of experience and wisdom that will inspire you to go the miles unhindered by circumstances, unwavering in your faith in God and unstoppable in every way to reach your best potential and finish well.

This year, on top of our plenary sessions we bring you special topics on:
– Finance
– Family
– Leadership
– Church Growth
– Counselling
Covering questions such as:
– Christian Financial Planning – How to allocate your money wisely, biblically and profitably
– Growing a godly and successful career. Building factors in corporate career- competencies, relationships, etc.
– Building a strong discipleship and leadership paradigm in the local church
– Power Mum – “Enjoying yourself, balancing husband, children and ministry”
– Conflict Management in home and corporate environment
– And more…
Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
For details and registration, go to: http://www.unstoppableconference.org

Event Details:
Event: Unstoppable Conference

Date: 21st – 23rd September 2017

Venue: Metro Tabernacle A/G


Details & Registration: http://metrotab.org/unstoppableconference/


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  1. Dear Church

    Greetings in Christ.I am Senior Pastor I Paul from Pakistan . Working with 16
    Pastors,independently since year 2000. We are praying for you.Remember us in your prayers.Here its great need to do the work of God in Pakistan . May He provide fellows.
    God bless you.

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