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As a man thinketh in his heart so is he (Prov.23:7)



Your circumstances do not defeat you but your spiritual attitude towards your circumstances can defeat you. Everybody will face circumstances in life. God never promised us a problem-free life.

A mound can become a mountain if you focus on it for too long.

Here is what you need to understand. Your victory or defeat in your life is not based on your circumstances! It’s not based on the people you deal with! Neither it’s based in the system out there! Blaming circumstances will not make you successful or unsuccessful. Here is a key: God always gives us a seed for success but it incubates in YOUR MIND AND HEART.


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If you fail in your MIND you will be defeated in your LIFE! Your problem is not circumstances out there! Your problem isn’t bad luck! Your problem is not even the devil!  Your problem is a THINKING PROBLEM!


In the Gospel of John 5, A certain man was there who had an infirmity lying in his bed for 38 years at the pool of Bethesda. Can you imagine 38 years he has been lying there and giving excuses! When Jesus saw him he asked him a simple question “Do you want to be healed?” Instead of replying a simple “yes” he began to blame his circumstances. He began to blame people. He was virtually leveraging “a pity party situation”. Jesus overruled all his excuses and commanded him to take up his bed and walk and immediately he was made well.


The solution to your problem is renewing of your mind!! (CHANGING OF YOUR MINDSET)


You know what? Have you ever given a thought that your life today is the creation of all your thoughts in all your yesterdays? What you are today is A PRODUCT OF A SEED that you conceived in your mind yesterday and that seed has obviously produced after its own kind. BECAUSE, God’s law says, everything “SEED” WILL produce after its own kind (Gen1)


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What happens in you will determine your outcome. Your success or failure is an inside job (Heart & Mind). You don’t have to change the circumstances in order to change the outcome of your life. Some people think if “I can change everything and everybody out there, only then I will be successful in life”. They fail to realize that even if they succeeded in changing everything out there, they will still not be successful because success IS NOT OUT THERE!  But you know what?  If you ever want to succeed IN YOUR LIFE, you need to do a lot of CHANGING IN YOUR MIND AND HEART.


Have you forgotten that you are created in the image of God? You are a creative force of God. You can take charge of your life by taking charge of your thinking. You can be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING OF YOUR MIND.(Gal. 5:1)

What is it that God has already delivered you from? What is it that God has already said “it’s over! And it’s finished!” He has set you free from the immoral things you did while you were under bondage and you go back to it? Stop going back!

Listen!  It’s not what you go to in life that messes you up! It’s what you go back to that will kill you! Whatever you don’t want in your future get it out in your present! “You become whatever you behold” (2 Peter 2:20) 

When you change the way you think about your problem, you TRANSFORM YOUR PROBLEM! You see all this events whether positive or negative happens outside you. It cannot impact or affect you unless you make a WILLING CHOICE to allow it to COME INSIDE YOU and affect you emotionally. What you believe determines what you become. “You think what you think because you believe what you believe”. I don’t know if you can see that a lie can become a powerful truth IF YOU BELIEVE IT TO BE TRUE!




One of the saddest and greatest tragedies in human beings is a mind-set problem. 




If you don’t get into God’s word, the world will get into you. The world will seduce you into a mind-set of thinking that it’s ok to flow with it. A thinking pattern that is not in line with God’s word.  You either grow into the image of God or you grow into the image of the world. 

Have you ever realized that most of us have been indoctrinated and impacted with a mindset of our immediate environment? Therefore we have been made to think that that is the best mind-set. 

Your belief system can be easily affected and influenced because our human mind is so fragile that we are so vulnerable to human influence than to God’s influence. No wonder the world has been drawn away to extreme secularistic ideology today.


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THE SPIRITUAL MIND-SET IS A MIND-SET OF A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN : renewed constantly by the word of God.  (Rom.12:2) That is why we have the Word of God as our guideline and foundation to refer back to and that forms the basis of our foundation and truth.

How many of you will agree with me anything that is not supported by the word of God, anything that denies the word of a God, anything that has no basis in the word of  God is absolutely not the truth. 

Please understand A human clever idea, no matter how rational or logical it may  sound and look, it’s absolutely not “A God Idea.”

As Christians we need to understand how important a daily diet of God’s word is to each one of us. Because this will either keep you connected to God or it will separate you from God. It’s the word that sanctifies us and keeps us from being polluted from the way of the world. So as a Christian if you don’t have time to read and understand what the word says then you are not going be transformed. You will remain where you are for the rest of your life.




God has designed you with a sound mind (2 Tim 2:7) You are fearfully and wonderfully created. The mind that He has given you is a direct reflection of the genius mind that made you. You were made by God and for God and you are to renew you mind by the power of His word daily and take charge of your life.


Note: Rev Dr Jai Kumar is an ordained & licensed minister of Covenant Ministries International N.J. USA. He is a mission minded pastor who carries an apostolic anointing who preaches and teaches an uncompromising gospel with boldness. A member of ECCM (Malaysia) Spiritual Adviser & overseer to various ministries and churches. An itinerant speaker. He is also the author of a book entitled, ‘God’s Time Clock.’ Currently he worships at C3 Subang.






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Rev Dr Jai Kumar

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