The Lord Jesus Christ Manifested His Great Healing Power in FGBMF Evangelistic Healing Banquet


Recently, a wonderful evangelistic healing banquet was organised and held by the Klang North Chapter Senior Citizens Fellowship of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship of Malaysia (FGBMF). A total of 252 people attended the event that was held at the Hai Thaim Lo restaurant in Klang.


Part of the crowd in the healing banquet.
Worship during the healing banquet.


The Lord Jesus Christ brought salvation to 43 of those who attended, in addition to many healings. Many different ailments were healed by the Lord Jesus. Sight was restored to the blind, legs that were shorter and imbalanced were extended, back and chest pains were healed, and strength was restored to those who struggled with breathlessness, sinusitis, weak legs and body weakness.


Testimonies and praises about Christ’s healing was given unto the Lord.



The main speaker of the event, bro Eddie Yong shared the report with Christianity Malaysia, giving praise unto the Lord for the work the Lord has done:

‘All praise and glory be to God. The Lord manifested His healing mightily. Many people were healed and many received salvation. Truly our Lord Jesus is a prayer-answering God and a miracle-working God. The name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be Glorified, Magnified, and Exalted. Thank you, Lord Jesus’


Praying for the sick.


He also expressed appreciation to those who have played a role in helping the event proceed smoothly and be a success. ‘A big thank you to the FGB organisers who gave me the opportunity to share and witness the Glory of God. Thanks to all sponsors, all who attended, have prayed, brought in Pre-Believers and contributed in one way or another,’ he expressed.

The great work that the Lord has done even in this single meeting shows that He is still close to us, and of His boundless magnitude in mercy, compassion, and love. All praise to Christ!


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Eddie Yong Jason Law

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  1. When i reading about this testimonies, i am very inspired
    How, was God giving there right fruit for people needs in Him.
    God is wonderful, from everything in part of life.

    I need share my life, where was protect from Him,
    from many things of attack of Evil.
    Accident many time, struggle from financial and so on.
    But, He making me arise and shining. God Bless who was reading this.

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