God Gave Me a 2nd Chance

June 23, 2014 cm-admin 1

23 June 2014 by Mindy Oon CM-   God is a God of second chances, and the following is a testimony on how God continues to love us and how He reaches out to us […]

In brokenness I come

February 24, 2014 cm-admin 0

24 Feb 2014 by Adeline Lum CM-   All around us, we see people with a smiling face, whose lives seem great without any problems. But if we were to only visit a person’s mind […]

A Place to Grieve

April 29, 2013 cm-admin 0

29 April 2013  James Hoh CM –   Grace to Grieving Persons (GGP Outreach) provides counseling service to those who have lost their loved ones and helps them to come to terms with their loss, cope with […]

You are my Precious- Miau Miau (苗苗)

November 13, 2012 cm-admin 0

13 Nov 2012, by Adeline Lum CM- “I am a fighter, not for Christ, but against Christ,” said Miau Miau (苗苗). An intellectual debater, she recalled standing up against her high school’s teacher attempt to […]