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Money: Servant Or Idol?

October 1, 2015 Lim Poh Ann 0

  A Facebook friend shared that Christians should have a more positive view of wealth since we certainly need financial resources to do God’s work, whether it is to feed the poor or build orphanages […]

Blessings From God, Trials From Satan?

September 25, 2015 Lim Poh Ann 0

  The other day someone shared on Facebook: “Trials and suffering are designed by the devil against believers. God only wants to bless believers.”  Does God only bless believers and exempt them from facing trials? It […]

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Love: Healing Balm For Aching Souls

September 18, 2015 Lim Poh Ann 0

Many who are experiencing fear, anxiety or depression depend on people, food, drugs and pleasurable diversions to stay strong. However, once we understand we are precious in God’s sight and greatly loved by Him, we can handle emotional turmoil […]

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Thirst No More

September 3, 2015 Lim Poh Ann 0

  There is a thirst that physical water cannot quench, a longing that nothing in this world can satisfy. Is it possible to quench this thirst and find spiritual fulfillment? How? One day Jesus approached […]

What is the Meaning of Life?

August 20, 2015 Lim Poh Ann 1

  In our busy lives packed with various tasks and schedules, have we ever paused to ask ourselves, “What is the meaning of life?” Who am I? Why am I born into this world? Who […]

A Tale of Two Buddies

February 22, 2015 Jason Law 0

22 Feb 2015 by Lim Poh Ann –   Two Christian friends, Alex and Bob, decide to go on a holiday. While travelling on a treacherous road that cuts through mountainous terrain, their 4WD vehicle fell off […]

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Can fear be positive?

February 8, 2015 Jason Law 0

8 Feb 2015 by Lim Poh Ann-   Why not? Fear can save our skin and much more. A Facebook friend who believes in eternal security, Once Saved, Always Saved (OSAS), **commented that I should […]

Quiet Confidence

January 27, 2015 Jason Law 0

27 Jan by Lim Poh Ann –   It is in stillness and trust that we draw strength to face life’s challenges. Confronted by its enemies, Judah could have followed God’s prophetic word to the […]

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