The All Powerful

July 22, 2016 Thangam Nair 0

  The Word Is our Holy Bible               Faith is what makes us able.               Life may be a documentary But God from His Sanctuary Is in His Absolute Goodness […]

Mercy and Peace

June 26, 2016 Thangam Nair 0

  Wounds heal by Stripes in Jesus Name. Sins washed with blood on The Cross. You are free and forgiven forever. Son of Man pleaded to Father God To forgive those who struck Him.  He […]

Kingdom Come

May 12, 2016 Thangam Nair 0

  Trees adorn skies, Sun behind blazes The wind blows from high. Green leaves glisten . The Lord is near and around Seeking every lamb in His Fold. Everlasting is His Hold. Hallelujah ! Here […]


May 5, 2016 Annaz Gold 0

  Far far, on a lonely road, Walked a man with a heavy load. Whither, old one, are you going? Asked a stranger , knowing The traveller’s pain on his shoulder. Shall I help you? […]

King of Kings

April 17, 2016 Annaz Gold 1

  People lived in castles then, But God chose a manger For His Son to lay when born. Yet it did not change His stature. King of kings He was and is And is to […]

My King

March 18, 2016 Annaz Gold 0

  My King sits high above and sees Our peace and  holiness within us. Yet He revolves around us invisible. From Heaven to Earth  Father sent My Lord as Master of the Universe To erase […]

Your Holiness

March 3, 2016 Annaz Gold 0

  When I see in the dark the moon, And the clouds in the day, I swoon. As all Works of Yours , O my Father, Is the Mighty Valour of  no  other But You […]

Blessed Grace

February 11, 2016 Annaz Gold 0

  Blessed is God Who  Reigns !    Blessed is Father Who gave     His only Son, to endure pain  On our behalf  to  save  grave  Sins of humanity and iniquity. Lord Jesus ! […]

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