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In this digital era, we are dealing with young people in two generations – the Gen Y (1978-1995) and Gen Z (1996-now).

Gen Y

·         Referred to as “Millennials, “Echo Boomers”, or jokingly as “Generation Why?”

·         Known as a Culture War “battleground” with growing disagreements between conservative and progressive perspectives.

Gen Z

·         Known as the “internet” or “digital” generation

·         Technology savvy

·         Learn to use digital products in the speed of light as if it is in their “blood”

It is imperative that we raise the Gen Y and Z for the glory of God and win our young people for Jesus. The objective of “Set Apart” is to gather Christian youths to come together to pray as a generation. We aim to challenge our young people to be “souled” out for Jesus – that they are in the world but not of the world.

A generation that is set apart by God is a generation of threat to Satan, because God can use them to fulfill His end-time mission. Our prayer is to see them defeating the giant of this generation, like how David defeated Goliath.

There will be an opportunity for your young people to invite their friends to the Night Evangelistic meeting. For the online registration form, please click on this link:


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Register today, and we will see you there! 


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  1. Dear Sir,
    Greetings to you in Jesus Name!
    Thank you for your program.Now I can see your time.Could you allow
    to attend to your program?I am from Yangon,Myanmar.So,my 3 friends want to attend your program.They have passport in their hands.
    I hope God opens the door through you.Please inform me recently.
    I will send information and fees.
    I look forward to hear from you soon.May God bless you.
    Dal Cin

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