REVIVAL won’t come without Intercessors

31 Aug 2013 by Donna Uning CM-


In his book, 40 Days of Transformation, Apostle Julius Suubi wrote specifically to Malaysians about the year 2013 as the year of divine government and taking over. As Malaysia celebrates her 50th year of formation, the Jubilee year, we are called to intercede and pray for our nation.

During his visit to Kuching in March, Apostle Suubi impressed on the people to rise up as watchmen for the city and the nation. “We are people who transacts with God. We have not taken our position as gatekeepers,” he said adding, “Revival won’t come without intercessors.”

Isaiah 35:8

The future belongs to the intercessors.

“Prayer is a practical thing. Praery is spirit,” he said. “Prayer is the hard part. To teach is easy. Listening is the easiest. But prayer is the most fruitful part.”

“God is the God of nations. He has plans for this nation. He has prophetic words for this nation,” he said in the first meeting at the Effective Fervent Prayer seminar in Kuching. He believes God puts different people and groups in this nation because there is a destiny that needed to be fulfilled. “The prophecies cannot be fulfilled without intercessors,” he said urging the people to 'take up the burden to pray for the nation and Kuching; and God will begin to speak to you.'


Apostle Julius Suubi
Apostle Julius Suubi


Intersession enforces what’s in the heart of God. Intercession produces a lot of results because you are operating in a realm above the devil. You are operating in the heavenly places, he said. “We are able to intersect devices and plans of the devil before he can attack us,” he added. The Lord reveals plans before they come.

He called the people to rise up as watchmen for the city and reminded us that the cities in the bible are taken in the morning. “You are to rise up in the morning to pray. Watchmen have to rise up! Stop sleeping! God gives good sleep to those He loves,” he said.

“Don’t be insecure. Pray for your nation and God will take care of your needs,” he urged. When you begin to pray for the nation, you will release the spirit of love. Rise up to enforce the will of God in Malaysia. You cannot pray for the nation unless you have a burden, not intellectual burden but supernatural burden. It doesn’t come from us but from God.

“Do you love Malaysia? There’s a reason why you’re here. By divine appointment, you are at territories where mankind will dwell. We are here to seek the face of the Lord. God is looking for people to stand in the gap. We need people to stand as watchmen,” he said calling the people to pray and repent for the nation.

Apostle Suubi’s book, 40 Days of Transformation through prayer and fasting, is a prayer manual which covers all areas of prayer from personal, family and church to the national level. The title theme is taken from 2 Kings 24:13-14, overcoming the spirit of Babylon through warfare.

Apostle Julius Suubi, who now lives in Kenya, is the founder and director of Highway of Holiness Ministries International. The ministry birthed the Heaven’s Fire Annual Prayer Summit in Africa, South Korea, and Hong Kong. He will be in Kuching for the second module of the Effective Fervent Prayer seminars at Blessed Church, Kuching this September 10-14, 2013. Contact your local church for more details.


40 Days of Transformation
40 Days of Transformation


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