Rev Philip Mantofa coming to Malaysia!


The long-awaited MforJ Kingdom Conference is back this year with Rev Philip Mantofa, Rev Ewen Chow, Rev Moro, Rev Kenneth Chin, Rev Jonathan Loh and Rev Wong Chee Meng!




Known for his powerful and poignant ministries, Rev Philip Mantofa accepted Christ in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada. Right before he reached the door knob of the church, he heard an audible voice saying, “Philip, if you are not saved today, you will never be saved!” He was shocked and running back to the altar, he accepted Christ at 18 years old.




In fact, God has been watching over Rev Philip since he was young, thanks to the prayer of his mother. At two months old, he fell from his bed resulting in seizures and very weak legs that need leg braces and iron shoes to walk. His brain was also affected from the fall, where he had difficulty memorizing and spelling his own name. But God listened to his mother’s prayer, and miraculously healed him while he was going to school in Taipei.

Nevertheless, he didn’t become a good person and was involved in many life-threatening fights until that faithful day when he accepted Christ. Since then, God has anointed him with a shepherd and evangelist heart, one that grew from experiences with Him.

In year 2000, God brought him to Hell, which started a crusade called A Trip to Hell’. This vivid vision started a movement and revival emerging from Surabaya, among the youths.

God also anointed Rev Philip with the gift of healing, which blossomed into a ministry known as ‘The Festival of God’s Power,’ to show that miraclulous healings can still happen today.



You don’t want to miss Rev Philip Mantofa’s visit to Malaysia. From 6-8 of June, Rev Philip will be coming to FGA, Kuala Lumpur for the MforJ Kingdom Conference and Festival of God’s Power!

For more information, please contact 011-23406449 / 019-2792915 or visit their Facebook page at MforJ REVIVAL MOVEMENT (

Registration is required for the MforJ Kingdom Conference but the Festival of God’s Power has free admission.

Check out the conference schedule! 




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