Recovering the Gospel in our Generation Conference- 17 May

25 April 2014-


This conference, "Recovering the Gospel in our Generation", is targeted at University and College students in the KL or Klang Valley area. In fact, any young person from the age of 17 to late twenties are welcomed. 
In emphasizing the recovery of the gospel as the main message of the conference, what the organizers meant is that the essential core message of the gospel – the doctrine of justification – has been largely lost over the years and requires recovering.
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This conference, which only takes half a day, will include three good speakers with a track record of service in the gospel vineyard, addressing young people.
Dr Leong Tien Fock, Research Director of Campus Crusade in Malaysia, will take the first session, and share how this essential doctrine of the gospel evolved from the early church till present. His talk will revolve around a historical and theological laying of the foundations of the gospel, and how it somehow got 'lost', and needs recovering.
Samuel Nesan, Founder of Young Apologist Malaysia, will take the second session and show how this doctrine of justification is indeed 'the hinge' (John Calvin) of applied and experimental religion. He will show how peer pressure and other youth issues can be overcome through this transforming message of Christ.
Finally, Rev Wong Fong Yang, Senior Pastor of City Discipleship Presbyterian Church of Subang Jaya, who will share how a Christ-centered gospel is crucial as the core of all ministries emanating from the church.
This conference is organized by the Christian Fellowship of HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT), and a registration fee of RM18/pax will cover lunch, tea-break, and notes.
The conference will be held at HELP CAT on Saturday, May 17th, 2014, from 9AM – 1PM. Registration will open at 8.15AM.
This conference aims to exalt the name of our Lord and Savior. And we trust Him for a mighty move of His Word and Spirit so that His Name will be glorified in His Word as Truth. May the conference begins a powerful gospel transformation movement all across Malaysia.
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