For those who are unaware, Real Love Ministry (RLM) has 2 sections which are RLM Management (RLMM) and RLM Fellowship (RLMF). RLMM was started in 1999. It is a ministry that trains people to become befrienders to the Sexually Broken and the Deaf. Reverend Edmund Smith is the Director of RLMM. RLMF was started in 2006. It is a church. Pastor Amanda is the Senior Pastor of RLMF.

This is the 12th year of the Thanksgiving Fund-raising Dinner(TFD). RLM is first of all thankful to our Lord God Almighty for His faithfulness and provision throughout the year. RLM also wants to acknowledge the contributions of all who have partnered to make this Ministry and Fellowship successful.



This year, TFD started with a Song Entertainment by the Worship team. For nearly all items on the programme, there was sign language interpretation for the Deaf who had come to support (from outside Melaka as well).

This was followed by the MCs welcome and the welcome speech by Pastor Amanda. The MCs were Annie & Terrance – RTM Celebrity Emcees.


The MCs were Annie & Terrance – RTM Celebrity Emcees
Pr Amanda


Then the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived. “To Bethlehem” the Musical was performed. Kudos to the actors and actresses and all who helped make it a reality. One can never tire of the story of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



Another highlight of the night was a painting auction by an artist named Alan Tan (a self- learned artist). 4 small paintings were sold for RM2300 and the main painting was sold for RM6000.



There were a number of lovely testimonies which were inspiring and uplifting. Melissa Yip’s testimony was about her learning process of being a befriender to a sexually-broken person. 


Melissa Yip sharing her testimony.


Deacon Stefan’s testimony of being delivered out of a pornography addiction showed the mighty power of our Lord to set people free.


Deacon Stefan sharing his testimony.


Alena’s testimony was about how RLM’s Silent Voice ministry reached out to her like no other church/community. She was truly touched by how warmly RLMM/RLMF embraced deaf people like her.

Pastor Edmund also gave a thanksgiving speech.


Pr Edmund sharing his thanksgiving speech.


Finally a Christmas carol sing-along was the finale. The dinner was also sumptuous.


The Christmas carol sing-along.


More fund raising was done via the selling of Pastor Edmund’s latest version of ‘She Is My Brother(SIMB)’  book and foodstuff such as pickles, pineapple tarts, pies and candy.



Donations can also be made into the RLM Management Hong Leong Bank Account Number 26700002670.

RLMM also runs 4 exciting programmes and they are:


  • The Vtalk (Victory Talk) – a one-time seminar on Sexual Brokenness and the Journey of Recovery.
  • The Vmeet – a one-year educational programme on Sexual Brokenness and the Journey of Recovery. The Vmeet is for anyone 13 years and older. RLM collaborates with local churches of any denomination to run the Vmeet. RLM has run Vmeets since 2003. The Vmeet is great for BEFRIENDERS who are reaching out to the Sexually Broken (people with sexual issues, for example, unwanted LGBT tendencies, porn addiction and so on) who are serious about change and pastors, church leaders, Cell Group leaders, teachers, parents and anyone who wants to learn about dealing with the sexually broken.
  • The SV (Silent Voice) Talk – a one-time seminar on Sign Language and befriending the Deaf.
  • The SV meet – a one-year educational programme on Sign Language and befriending the deaf.


To find out more do contact Deacon  Stefan at  019-2402147.


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