Mutually Satisfying Physical Intimacy

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“In a close position, stand with backs straight and upright.”


“Let’s begin. 1-2-3, 2-2-3, 1-2-3 and under-arm turn.”


How can we be intimate tonight? A question that was at the back of my mind as my husband and I danced the Waltz.


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As I pondered on what physical intimacy with my husband meant, the first initial thought that came to mind was S.E.X. A word and behaviour that were once upon a time taboo in Malaysia has now become a frivolous word thrown around and casual behaviour with no boundaries. However, I think that the true meaning of physical intimacy goes beyond the erotic fulfilment of a couple’s sexual needs.

Let’s take partner dancing as an analogy of physical intimacy. Dancing with a partner requires dancing simultaneously in a coordinated manner and maintaining connection with one another. It demands knowing the “call-response” signals, respecting each other’s dance frame, trusting your partner’s signals and allowing support from each other. Likewise, couples need to know how their partner responses to their physical touch, respect each other’s physical boundaries, trust that the physical touches are safe, and allow give-and-take from each other in order to preserve a mutually satisfying physical intimacy.


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Ultimately, thriving couples never lose sight of the fact that putting the other’s needs and interests ahead of theirs is a key ingredient of a vibrant marital relationship.


Hui Jun met her lifelong and loving husband at a dance studio where she was learning the Waltz while he was helping out in the class. She loves dancing, cooking and eating.



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