Trinity Community Centre: A Miraculous Beginning, A Glorious Present

Reverend Dr. Collin Gordon preaching his sermon

1st Oct 2012, by Natasha Kim, CM –

Trinity Community Centre (TCC) is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. What makes this Church particularly unique is the fact that during their Sunday Church services, they have their English service, Chinese service, Tamil service, Deaf service, and their children’s ministry all happening simultaneously. The Church started many years ago in a small single story house along Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur with a small congregation of thirty people, half of whom were hearing impaired.

In 1984, they managed to move into a double storey bungalow in Jalan Maarof. Soon however, the tenancy was due to expire in 1986 during the occupancy of the bungalow. This meant that the bungalow was likely to be sold and that TCC would have to vacate. With much prayer, the Church felt the need to purchase the building as they received an offer of RM370,000 for the bungalow. During this period of time, the Church managed to secure a bank loan of RM170,000 and the balance RM208,068 was raised within a short period of six months; this despite the fact that their congregation was only about seventy, most of whom were students, middle and low income earners, as well as the hearing impaired and blind.

Reverend Dr. Collin Gordon preaching his sermon

As the story goes, on one particular Sunday, when attendance was at its lowest and just before the deadline for payment, there was a miracle! The church needed a balance of RM56,000, failing of which they would then have to forfeit their deposit of RM40,000. As the offerings were accumulated, it miraculously amounted to RM56,068 (with the additional RM68 which they needed to pay some disbursements). Against odds TCC managed to obtain government approval for the conversion of the residential premises into a “centre” for religious and community services. Approval was also obtained for extensive renovation.

Rev. Dr. Collin said that during the growth of the church and constant moving, he envisioned for a bigger church. That vision initially came 10 years ago when God showed him His plans to move in, in an unprecedented way for the end time harvest.

When their numbers started growing even more, they began to occupy a rented space in an office complex in Petaling Jaya in the year 2005. The same year, TCC sold the bungalow in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar and bought their current land located in Section 51, Petaling Jaya . However, there was a catch, the Reverend set out to embark on a big renovation, one that would cost a lot of money.  He found out that they were short once again. They only had 1.7 million in March 2007, when they had to start renovations, and unfortunately the Reverend was told that this time they were short of 4.3 million as it costs 6 million to work on renovations for the building. At this point, many would give up, but the Reverend continued with Gods work.

With God’s grace and divine help, as they prayed along, they had a lot of help and donations that came in from several parties. They then soon realized that as they continue to pay, the final cost of the renovation actually amounted to 12 million instead of 6 million! The Reverend did not realize this until he looked at the accounts. He said it was as if God was saying to him, “By the way, Collin, do you know the building you thought was RM6 million actually cost you RM12 million?” This was paid for in full by the Lord Jesus Christ! And this was their miracle once again from the Lord.

Not long later, renovation for the Church was finally completed and the Church finally was able to move out of the office complex. The Church, where it is situated until this day, officially began operations on the 31st of January, 2009, when they had their Church dedication day. The Church triumphed because we serve a miracle working God who never fails to provide and meet the circumstance.

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