Mental Health Awareness 2017 Seminar and Exhibition Coming Up in FGA KL

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The 2nd edition of this annual event organised by the Family Life Ministry of Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur will be held on October 14 & 15.  The theme is Anxiety & Mental Health.  It endeavours to address the importance of timely management of anxieties, the consequences of unchecked anxieties left to fester that can lead to serious mental health issues and that it can jeopardise our quality of life.  Another area of concern is sustainable care-giving, i.e. supporting carers of the elderly, disabled, addicts and mentally ill.


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Continuing from last year, the organisers carries on with its effort to diminish the social stigma placed on those with mental health issues.  As with other forms of illnesses and diseases, mental ill-health needs timely medical attention and expert intervention to manage and rehabilitate.  Fear of stigma leading to failure to seek medical attention can cause dire consequences.



The one-day seminar will be held on Saturday, October 14, 8am – 4pm, at the Main Sanctuary of FGA KL, located at 689, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Taman Goodwood, 58200 KL.  Eminent speakers will speak on Anxiety & General Mental Health, Anxiety & Recovery and Anxiety & Care-giving.  Luminaries of mental health such as Counsellor Dr. Yeo Pei Li, Psychotherapist Mr. Chris Sekar and Datuk Ang Kim Teng, President of Malaysian Mental Health Association will be present to impart and share in their areas of expertise. 



Those interested to attend this seminar (FOC) must register online at and select their preferred areas of interest for the Breakout sessions by October 8.  Enquiries hotline nos: 603 79804029 / 603 7980 4096

On Sunday, October 15, from 9am – 2pm, at the basement of FGA KL, exhibition booths offering information and resources will be available for the public to visit.  An Experiential Corner to showcase healing through Creative and Expressive Arts Therapy promises fun learning. Chiu-Hea Hills will share a word on the theme as well for both Sunday sermons at 7:30 and 11am. 

NGOs such as Befrienders, Cancerlink, Focus on the Family, Malaysian Mental Health Association, National Association of Christian Counsellors, Women’s Aid Organisation and many others will also be participating.


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