Lord Be Glorified – Bob Kilpatrick

Bob Kilpatrick

24th Oct 2012.  By Ezra Chim,  CM –

On the 19th October 2012, Harvest Christian Assembly in Klang, Selangor hosted a concert with Bob Kilpatrick and many Klang folks who attended were blessed with a rich rendition of many of his very own composition.

Bob Kilpatrick is a musician, song writer, author, radio personality, husband and father of five. He motivates people all over the world to get involved in God’s Great Commission.

Bob is an ordained minister, and the third inductee into the Assemblies of God Hall of Honour. He is married to Cindy, his high school sweetheart. They have five children and live in Fair Oaks, California. He said that “My desire is to serve the Church in any way that God allows. This was not a career choice for me, it was, and is, a calling. I am a servant. With God’s grace, that’s what I’ll always be.”

Bob Kilpatrick


Bob writes Christian worship songs that glorifies God such as, “Lord Be Glorified“, “Won by One”, “The World Will be Won”, “Here Am I – Send Me to the Nations” and “God is Good” and many more.

Many of us have sang this beautiful song in our church back in the 1980’s  “Lord Be Glorified.”  A short and simple chorus but with tremendous depth and impact to the churches all over the world.







Watch the following recorded video  on Bob Kilpatrick as he shares how he wrote the song in his mother-in-law’s house and never realized that the song would be sung so fast in so many countries. Then check out the video as he begins to sing the song Lord, Be Glorified in different artistes and music genres! Very funny and with lots of laughter!

Enjoy & Be Blessed!



If you visit Bob’s website, he has a Worship Corner which features a Worship Song, where u can download both the MP3 and Chords from his site. Site: www.bobkilpatrick.com


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