Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

9 Feb 2013 by Elizabeth Peter-


Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father, except through Him ~John 14:6


There's only one way to Heaven, and that is through Christ – through His baptism, death and resurrection. For Jesus is THE way. Not one of the ways. Not a way. No. He is the way. Unfortunately, it is the ONLY way. Believing in His baptism, death, and resurrection can eventually save you. But you can ONLY get saved through Him, by FAITH. Even a little faith, can go a long way.


There's only one truth. Jesus is that truth. He is THE truth. His baptism, death, and resurrection true. And the Truth is the only way to Heaven. He is the truth that will set you free. You cannot go before God, not knowing that Christ took all of your sins at the Cross. You cannot go before God not knowing that Christ died for all your sins.

There's only one life that can lead you to Heaven. And that is the life of Christ. Walking with Christ from the very beginning of the Gospel, which is His baptism at the River of Jordan until the end of your days, can lead you to the gates of Heaven, which only a few enter. Let Christ enter your life. For when you believe in Christ and His baptism, death, and resurrection, you can have eternal life.

You couldn't earn eternal life by your own good works and deeds. It’s free! Christ died and paid for it.


So why not live your life for Him? "Repent and be baptized into Christ". Come to God knowing that your sins can be forgiven. Come to God knowing that your own works can't save you.
What we couldn't do, Jesus did. We can become sinless through righteous, pure, sanctified, holy, perfect and much more because of Christ. Not because of ourselves. Not because of anything we've done. But only because of what He has done for us.

"Repent". Don't repent over, and over, and over again, asking God to forgive yours sins, when you know that tomorrow you'll be doing the same thing over again. Repent as in come before God in all your iniquities (pass generation sins), all your flaws and all your own sin (impurities). Come before Him asking Him for His help. Come before Him seeking His guidance. Admit that you're a sinner, that you're not perfect and that no matter how hard you try, you can never be. But also admit that there's only ONE way that you can be perfect and sin-free. And that's through the one and only, Jesus Christ.

Turn to Him today. Don't wait around thinking that you'll always have another day to follow Him. What if it's too late? You may never know. So before it is too late, turn to Him. Receive Him. Accept Him. Love Him, Follow Him, Walk with Him and don't turn back. Don't turn away.



Don't let religion and ritual fool you. Don't let Satan fool you into believing his lies. But once you receive this gift of grace, don't trade it for anything else in this world. God has better things in store for you up there.

Just be patient. God was patient with you, wasn't He? Be baptized into Christ. Die to sin with Christ and resurrect with Him. Let God guide you.

However, don't walk on your own. Striving and pursuing head-knowledge will lead you to the wider and broader gate. A gate that is easy to enter but not meant for you.

Just turn to Jesus for He is everything you need.


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