Is Jesus the Lord of your Cyberspace?

5th Oct 2012, by Adeline Lum, CM –


Lil’ Marcus zoomed past with his Buzz Lightyear toy as he ran across the hallway exclaiming, “To infinity and beyond!” I watched him, amused with him dodging make-believe meteorites and planets. Buzz was the “King of Space” to Marcus.

His enthusiastic regard for Buzz reminded me days ago when we met Pastor Ooi Chin Aik. A delightful man, who shares the energy and enthusiasm of Buzz, has been zooming past the world for the last decade, sharing the Good News in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Kenya, Australia, Canada, Italy and beyond. Founder and president of Ministries of Asia Pacific (MAP) with over 200 evangelists, he is also the advisor of .

As Lil’ Marcus regarded Buzz Lightyear as the “King of Space”, I also remember Brother Ooi’s poignant prayer, “Lord Jesus, if You are the Lord of all spaces, may You also be the Lord of Cyberspace!” Amen. So, is Jesus the Lord of your cyberspace?