I-Gen Parenting Seminar PARENTING SEMINAR

28th Sept 2012, by Natasha kim, CM –

Look out all Parents! There will be an I-Gen Parenting Seminar that will be held this coming 13th October from 9.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Of course a parenting seminar would not be complete without a Celebration Families Weekend that will be held right after and that is on the 13th of October at 5.00 p.m. and on the 14th of October from 8.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. This two day occasion will definitely build you and your family up.  It’s a seminar that offers an insight into the powerful and pervasive influence that media has over the lives of young people, and the society as a whole. This will help parents understand today’s media world and its trends and hopefully enlighten and encourage parents and teens as they navigate the current influences that affect the family.

The I-Gen Parenting Seminar will be led by speaker Joshua Liong (Curriculum Manager for Focus on the Family Malaysia). Based in Malacca, Joshua manages and oversees the ministerial work of Focus on the Family Malaysia in the Southern Region and has been involved with No Apologies, a character-based curriculum developed by Focus on the Family, USA since 2003. To date, close to 48,000 students have attended No apologies workshops in Malaysia alone. Joshua is also a No Apologies Master Trainer and has trained over 1,000 facilitators in Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and USA. Currently, he is a regular speaker at youth camps, parenting seminars and forums and holds a Diploma in Child Psychology (2002 Thomas Edu Direct, UK). For those who wish to attend, the costs of the I-Gen Parenting Seminar is only RM20 and that is inclusive of breakfast, lunch, tea break and materials)

As for the Celebrating Families Weekend there will be a special guest speaker and that is, Mr. Lee Wee Min, the Asia Regional Director for Focus on the Family Global and author of the book called “Parenting – A Roller Coaster Ride” based on Focus on the family Malaysia’s popular “12 Parenting Hot Tips” campaign. He actively creates awareness on the importance of the family through media campaigns. At the same time, he also speaks regularly at Churches, conferences, seminars both locally and internationally. Those who would like to attend, or stay back and listen to his talk after the I-Gen Parenting Seminar can do so as admission is free! for Celebrating the Families Weekend.


To find out more about the sessions, the topics covered or for any further inquiries call,   03- 79582777 or   visit http://www.gladtidings.my/.