Why say “grace”?

10 Feb 2013 by James Hoh CM-


My daughter Debbie was sobbing mad, sitting at the corner of the table. We were at a food court and we were hungry. In our hurry to eat one of use just said a short ‘grace’. Debbie missed out the opportunity of doing it. That explained why she was mad!



Since the age of two, we have been teaching her to say ‘grace’ before every meal. She remembers all the words we taught her and she said it with her hands clapped, her head bowed after that we proceed to enjoy our meal.

We always heard about the common incidents of the new converts having “conflicts” with their non-Christian parents at the dining table.

 The incidents usually starts when our Christian brothers and sisters saying “grace” or “giving thanks” before the meal. As usual, we thank God for His provision for the food on the table before we start eating. That usually aroused the curiosity or even anger of their parents.

“Why thank God when we earn every cent to buy the food on the table?”

The answers I think should be:

  1. We thank God for the resources and our capabilities to harvest the natural resources to produce food. We must thank God for the strength so that we can earn and put food on the table.
  2. We must thank God for our ability to eat. Sounds crazy? No. just visit the hospital or nursing home, you will find how many people who are not able to eat and enjoy their meal, they are tube-fed. 

There is even a Chinese proverb which says (translated):

The farmers work under the blazing sun and their sweat soaks the tilted ground, who would realize that every grain of rice on the plate is the result of sweat and tears.     


Jesus Christ, the Son of God gave thanks for the bread before partaking it (Matthew 26:26), how much more should we remember to give thanks?


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