What is God’s Will for me?

Nov 17 2012, by Kenny Lum-


Many Christians (you might be one of them) often ask, “What is God’s will for me?” This question is more pertinent when you are about to make a major decision like: Where should I go study? Where should I work? Who should I date/marry? Should I buy this house or not? What is God’s will for me?



I accepted Christ 10 years ago and I still struggle with these questions. For example, what is God’s will for me in XYZ? XYZ represent any major or minor decisions in life. Thankfully, I’ve also discovered a way to answer this question.

The first thing I do is asked myself another question, “Does it really matter what decision I end up making? What is more important?” Secondly, I look into God’s work (for example, the Bible) and see if there are any commands that are directly related to my situation. Lastly, I look towards conventional wisdom.

I start with the first question because God granted us freedom of choice. If God were to dictate every single choice I make, what kind of “freedom of choice” is that? Hence, I believe that in some, in fact most decisions I make, God grants me the freedom to make it. What is more important often comes down to “how can I honor God in my decision?” because THAT is the will of God.

My second question is a follow up from my first. God’s word grants wisdom and guidance and by following it with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I am more likely to honor God than not. Of course, at times the Bible does not answer ALL questions in specific manners, like where to work, who to date or marry, whether or not I should buy this house etc. Then I look into conventional wisdom.

Conventional wisdom involves talking with others whom I trust, researching and thinking things through logically, and then use my God given ability to discern. Along side “freedom of choice”, God has also given you and I intelligence so USE IT!

Here’s a life example. A year ago, I was about to make a decision whether or not to purchase a property worth RM 880k. The bank has already approved my loan but I kept praying, “God… Should I take this risk? What is your will?” To a certain level, I was using God as my magic crystal ball. Will my actions honor God? If my decision is “Yes”, I could easily say, “Oh… I trust in God and so that honors God.” If my decision is “No”, I could also say, “Oh… I am reserving my money to honor God in some other ways.” Either way, it works.

So I go into scripture next and some scriptures say it’s wise to invest while some says it’s unwise to get into debts. And mind you, RM 800k in bank loans is A LOT! So again, no answer there but I kept praying.

Finally, I sought after conventional wisdom. Again, it was a 50:50 split. I continued to pray and right before I made my decision, I met with one of the top management in the company who develops the property I am about to purchase. In his own words, “I nearly bought a unit myself but decided not to as it was overpriced.” Hah! And so I decided NOT to go ahead with the investment.

A few months later, I bought another property worth RM 550k. The earlier property that was RM 880k is at present day worth RM 1million. Was my decision bad? Did I follow the supposed will of God? The answer is – it does not matter. What mattered most was during that time, I came to God, I prayed, I sought after Him and His word and my relationship with Him became closer. That is what matters most.

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