God has a job for you!

16 Nov 2013-


No matter where your career goes, God still has great work for you to do.


Sometimes I feel like Clark Kent. Not because I see myself as the female version of Superman, but because, like him, I work for an office during the day, and at night I work for a mission that feels bigger and more significant than any earthly pursuit.

MY DAY JOB: I am a lawyer, and have worked for law firms, appeared in court, and have advocated for all sorts of people. Today I work for an Ombudsman's office that assists the community through improving industry and resolving disputes. I have a great job. It allows me to contribute to the community. It keeps me intellectually stimulated, it pays my bills, and it gives me the great privilege of working with other great people in the office.




MY NIGHT JOB: As soon as the day is over, I cease working for the Ombudsman and begin my moonlight job. At night, I throw myself into a purpose that is bigger than any earthly pursuit, as a warden at a church called City on a Hill. Wardens are involved in the legal, financial, and governance decisions of a church. Our role is behind-the-scenes and does not involve preaching, teaching, or a huge amount of pastoral care. In fact, out of the 1000 people who attend City on a Hill, only a handful of them will know who we are and what we do on an almost daily basis.

MY MAIN JOB: In both my jobs, I have felt God hone my talents and strengths and allow me to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. But the reality is, not matter what I'm doing during the day or night, God's call remains the same: that in everything I do, my number one job is to serve Him.


serve him 

You don't have to be a full-time pastor to serve God

There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work

1 Cor 12:7


Not every person is called to be a church planter or leader. The Bible is clear that God bestows a different gift on every person, and not every gift is made for church leadership. Jesus' disciples were chosen because they displayed different skills and different talents. Each disciple picked up their cross and followed Him, yet not all of them were called to lead a church.


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