Every Christian Is Called To Be a People of Testimony: Kevin Dexter


For many years, Kevin Dexter has journeyed with God to numerous places around the world. In that journey, Kevin has witnessed numerous of His miraculous workings. Recently, while he was in Malaysia, he has also seen this mighty movement in various meetings within our nation. The secret to this joy and privilege is very simple, Kevin shared in his last meeting at the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur.



‘Everyone can move in the giftings,’ he conveyed. As Kevin learnt to yield to God, he has seen  doors of opportunities being opened to greater and greater things. None of this makes me special, he expressed. All that was required was the trust in God and obedience to His leading. ‘When you step out in obedience and miracles happen in people’s lives, the people will share and the testimonies will come, and soon the doors will open.’

‘Everyone is equal in God’s eyes,’ Kevin imparted. He communicated that he understands his calling not primarily of healing or deliverance, but as one to help people establish their relationships with God, grow in their faith, and be the type of people He wants them to be. ‘The whole goal is to stir up faith.’


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When he prays for people, God had often shown him the giftings He had deposited in them. ‘So often I see these gifts that He has deposited in them but many have been smothered and dulled by the cares of the world. Many people have let the cares of the world slowly smother and dull these gifts.’

‘In the coming days, God is going to release His glory in a way we have never seen before and the sad thing is that some churches or Christians are going to miss it,’ he conveyed. ‘It requires a personal relationship with God. Some people will not be able to establish their faith; their faith has got to rise. God is not going to do it just for people, He’s going to do it through the Church.’



God wants to partner with us and the Church has a role to play. Our responsibility is to open doors and to yield to the Holy Spirit, to act upon His instructions. Very often when the Holy Spirit prompts us to do something, there will be a voice that will raise doubts in our heads, trying to reason things on an analytical basis. Kevin calls this the voice of treason and we have got to listen to the Holy Spirit instead of our own inner voices.

God is not looking for us to make ourselves perfect. ‘I see many people going for training courses after training courses to get more and more information, always chasing for a touch from God when He is telling us, I have got all this information, you just got to be a willing vessel’ God paid the price for us to have direct relationship with Him, Kevin encouraged, and only through a direct relationship with Him can people be transformed.



One of the most powerful testimonies he has seen was from a ten-year old child. The child was drawing two horses, one glorious and covered in gold and diamond, the other one an old donkey. And then she turned and ask Kevin, “Do you want to know the mystery?” ‘The horse has an empty heart, and the donkey has the right heart. The horse may look glorious from the outside but he’s empty. There are types of people in the church, those looking for titles and those with testimonies, she explained. It was an incredible moment.’ In this open relationship with an awe-inspiring God, everyone is called to be people of testimonies.  

Kevin related that very often he sees little children receive through their faith so much more easily. In one of his meeting with aborigine children, he asked, How many want to move in God’s miracles? and every hand went up.  Kevin shared and the children just believed.

As the children came up one by one for prayer, they told him that they saw Jesus and angels. He shared frankly; ‘At first, I thought they were just making things up. And then one child said to me, ‘I saw Jesus with my mum,’ and I asked her where her mum was, and she replied that her mum was dead but she now she had seen her mum in Heaven with Jesus.

‘The amazing thing was that after their session, they ran to the adult service and started praying for the adults there. The children were receiving easier than the adults while the adults were trying to confirm their faith through the receival of an audible voice.’



Our relationship is established through faith, Kevin shared. When you make yourself available to God, you make every bit available to Him. ‘This is the crux of the Bible. Jesus did what His Father told Him to do. All the great men in the Bible believed in what God told them to do and they acted upon it. Through this, He anoints us with His righteousness, and we become a friend of His. First believe, and then move in obedience. Doors of opportunities open when we act upon our beliefs and that’s how God will be glorified.’


Listen to testimonies, share them – you’ll change the atmosphere where you live… Testimonies are important because they are stories, stories of God’s nature. They reveal His heart, they reveal His person, they reveal what He values – Bill Johnson


NOTE: Many testimonies from Kevin’s years of ministry and from his time in Kuala Lumpur can be read or viewed on his ministry page at http://www.kevindexterministry.com/ or his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kevindexterministry/


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