Emerging Leaders Mentoring Programme (M2)

26 April 2014 by Kenneth Chung-


What do you get when you put together more than 30 young bright working adults representing 18 churches, 6 amazing leaders of industry, and the Holy Spirit in a room? The M2 Emerging Leaders Mentoring (M2) Programme!

Terrible attempts at jokes aside, the M2 programme kick-started it's inaugural meeting on the 13th April 2014 at the D’Fong restaurant. Conceptualised by young working adults Jason Lee and Alex Tung, this initiative was sponsored by the Full Gospel Business Men Malaysia Fellowship (FGBMF) which seeks to pair teams of young Christian men (mentees) with an experienced and mature Christian man who hasfound success in his career (mentor).




And boy are they successful! We are happy to introduce our illustrious panel of mentors:

  1. Mr Lee Min On, a partner of KPMG Malaysia, the head of Risk Consulting Division in KPMG Management & Risk Consulting Sdn Bhd, and a co-author of the Corporate Governance Guide.
  2. Mr Cheam Tat Inn, the managing director of EMC Computer Systems (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
  3. Mr Sreedhar Subramaniam, an ex-senior consultant in Arthur Andersen, and the current CEO of Asian Broadcasting Network.
  4. Mr James Kui Jee Yeng, the Managing Proprietor of a medium sized Accounting Firm and a partner of an LLP accounting firm.
  5. Dr Wong Hong Meng, a retired stock broker, commercial banker and strategy consultant.
  6. Mr Richard Ling, the head of the Linaco Group of Companies.


Mentees of the evening


The programme is designed to run for a period of six months, where the mentor and mentees would meet for their monthly meetings, and at each meeting, they would seek to deal with a main topic of challenge (think money, sex, and power) that is faced by the mentees in their Christian walk. Each mentee will ‘chair’ a meeting and be responsible for documenting the meeting, and in the end, a ‘journal’ will completed and sent to the organising committee.


Mr Sreedhar Subramaniam
Mr Sreedhar Subramaniam


The inaugural meeting itself was a buzz of excitement and positive energy, expected from a room full of individuals who had given their lives to Christ. Included in the dinner was Rev Ng Kok Kee (President of Bible College Malaysia) and his wife including FGBMF committee members and invited guests. Between getting to know each other and partaking in amazing food, the evening seemed to go by so fast.


 Mr Richard Ling
Mr Richard Ling


The best part of the meeting was when the mentors stood up, one by one, to introduce themselves and impart a few pearls of wisdom. They were actually too humble in talking about their accomplishments, which prompted Dr Wong to brag on behalf of the mentors. We even found out that Mr Sreedhar was one of the founders of the Malaysian Insider! However, if there was one moment which summed up the entire program, it was the sharing of Proverbs 27:17 by Mr Lee: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” The programme hpoes that the mentees are not the only ones to benefit from the programme, but rather that everyone involved can get to know Christ a little better and walk a little closer in His footsteps, while growing as a person as well.


This article was written by Kenneth Chung, one of the mentees in the programme.


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