A Conversation with Apostle Julius Suubi – Preacher and Family man Part 2


In this second part of the interview, Ps Julius Suubi from Highway of Holiness Ministries International, Kenya, talked about how he started in ministry, his family, food and more.

“I started serving the Lord when I was young, when I was still at school,” he said of his beginning as a preacher. The pastor told how he basically grew up in the youth ministries. Later, he served as an Associate Pastor in Uganda before the Lord sent him to Kenya.

“In the year 2000, the Lord spoke to me to go to Kenya,” he said. “It was in Kenya that I found the Highway of Holiness Ministries International.” It was a very difficult journey for the pastor. “It was supposed to take me 45 minutes by plane, but ended up taking me six months to get to Nairobi,” he continued. He remembered going without money or sponsorship but by faith. There, he led a church and started a 24/7 prayer tower in the heart of the city of Nairobi.


 Ps Julius Suubi from Highway of Holiness Ministries International
Ps Julius Suubi from Highway of Holiness Ministries International


“The Highway of Holiness Ministries is basically found in the Book of Isaiah 35:8; it is a ministry called by God to raise up intercessors to pray for nations,” he said. The calling of the ministry were about revival, prayer towers, and discipling the nations.

“We have a prayer tower in Hong Kong; and we also run an annual prayer summit called The Heaven’s Fire that gathers people from many nations of the world under the Highway of Holiness Ministries,” he continued. “The aim of the summit is to release the end time apostolic and prophetic prayer anointing; which is the latter and the former rain.” The last prayer summit in Nairobi this year had 15 nations representing. The summit is held on the last week of August every year. The ministry also runs an orphanage called Children of Destiny at Soweto Slum District at Nairobi.

Ps Suubi currently lives in Nairobi with his family. He often talked about his family during his visits. “I have a very beautiful wife,” he gushed of his wife Martha. “My wife is a very supportive woman; when I got married to her, I was very, very poor,” he said recalling “I only had two shirts and two trousers.”

In those days, she was working and the pastor was always broke. “She stood by me through difficult times. My wife is a great support and a prayerful woman,” he said. Every time Ps Suubi travels, his wife will be fasting and interceding until he returns to Kenya. “She’s been a very strong pillar in my life.” His wife is also a pastor at one of the churches in Nairobi.


 Ps Julius Suubi from Highway of Holiness Ministries International
Ps Julius Suubi from Highway of Holiness Ministries International


“I have two sons; they are two boys who came out of fasting and praying,” he laughed. “One came out of 40 days and the other one 21 days of fasting.” The two boys are Prince David, 6 years old and Jonathan Gift, 3 years old. The last time Ps Suubi came to Malaysia, he took his family with him to Sutera Harbour, Sabah.

So, what does the pastor do in his pastime or does he take time off to relax? “I used to like football, but y’know, nowadays because I don’t have the time,” he smiled as Ps Grace Tan and Bro Philip Yong chipped in with ‘praying!’ Thinking it through, Ps Suubi simply put, “I don’t know what my hobbies are actually.” He laughed saying, “My hobbies are praying!” His favorite team is Arsenal, “But nowadays, they can’t even take Kenya! So I don’t know what’s happening actually.”

“I love fish,” he said, “I really like the Malaysian fish, it’s really good.” There was a mentioned of eggplant and nasi kandar from friends. “The Penang nasi kandar is not like anywhere else’s,” he said comparing them to the many places he had eaten in Malaysia. “He likes to dance, don’t you know?” Bro Philip added and “he does not like chilled, cold drinks.”

“I’m writing a new book on revival; my third CD is coming out next month,” he said. The CD is called ‘Revival Fire.’ The CD was out in October and his new book was scheduled to be out by the end of the year. The items can be obtained from Highway of Holiness Ministries International at tel/fax (KL) 603-6201 4295 or email Ps Grace Tan at gracetan7@gmail.com.

Last year, Ps Suubi brought in seven intercessors with him during his visit to many parts of Malaysia including Langkawi, Penang, Malacca and more for the Prayer School. “Revival has broken out in the Klang Valley,” he said. The Prayer Schools has impacted a lot of churches.  FGA, KL used to have 50-100 people in their prayer meetings, but now they have 700 people coming. He has been to most of the churches in KL including FGA, SIB KL, Glad Tidings, DUMC, Cheras churches, and many others. Ps Suubi has been travelling internationally a lot this year covering nations such as Korea, India, Singapore, and Australia.

From the time he was in Malaysia till now, Ps Suubi went to Australia and may be going to Singapore. In between of his speaking engagements and a lot of time praying, it was worth the wait to get to know Ps Julius Suubi. Most of us knew him as a prayerful man, funny, and animated when he preaches; and yes, he is exactly that.


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