College Life is Hard. But Not When God is in It.

27 Jan 2013, by Adeline Lum CM-


Paul Kong is born in a Christian family, where by his father works as a full-time pastor and his mother serves in the church as a church administrator.


Paul (far left side) hanging out with his friends


Like any ordinary Christian, Paul attended Sunday Services, served in ministries such as youth and worship ministries, read the Bible and prayed. However, due to his preoccupation with church, he decided from early on to stay away from Christian-related events at school such as the Christian Fellowship (CF). And this decision affected and influenced his way of living in school.

“I was putting on different masks to fit into different groups of people according to the situation,” said Paul. “As a matter of fact, I tried to hide my identity as a Christian or downplay it among my friends.”

He literally told God, “I have given you these days for your service (Friday, Saturday and Sunday for church ministries). So, the other days are mine.”

This whole mind set and attitude resulted in many wrong decisions and sinful actions later in college. In college, he got involved in a relationship that ended badly. Furthermore, he also did badly for his A-levels. To put it simply, he was in a “really bad situation”.


Paul Kong spending time with his friends


“I was in a state of lost. So, I took a break from my studies and spent a lot of solitude time with God alone and His Word. I was disappointed over myself and over the things that happened… It was at these moments I truly experience God’s presence,” said Paul.

As he put it, his prayers to God were honest with no “Christian jargons” because of his desperation and the hurt he was going through. During the break, he worked in a company as a sales consultant for five months. Amazingly, he realized that God has placed him there to boost his confidence and learn to depend on Him.

“It was not an easy journey and the journey felt really long. The first three months, I brought in zero sales,” said Paul. “But miraculously, in the fourth and fifth month, I brought in sales totalling to over RM40000!”

After quitting my job and before entering the university, he made a promise to God that he would allow Him into every area of his life. In fact, he told God that he would serve Him in the CF of the university he was heading to. And that was how he became active in the CF at UCSI, becoming a president of the society.



“My life was never the same after the breakthrough. I could say that my heart has been transformed tremendously from someone who follows popular trends  and peers to one who is rooted in the Word of God,” said Paul.

He tries to live out his life following godly values, with God’s help.

“I am a much more caring person now. Before that, I can say that I am a selfish person and I can be manipulative sometimes for my own advantage,” said Paul.



He owed his walk with God in the university to his close group of Christian friends who shared the same passion for Christ and also acted as his means of accountability.

Paul has graduated from UCSI and is currently working in Alpha Malaysia, a Christian NGO, with a very busy schedule.


When asked how he finds time with God, here are the THREE things he does to keep his walk with God alive:


1. He always tries to accomplish his “minimums” like a professional sportsman and musician. The “minimum” includes starting the day with a prayer and reading at least one proverb, one psalm, and a few chapters of the book in the Bible.


2. As he finds it challenging to wake up in the morning to read the Bible and reading the Bible after work due to exhaustion, he would listen to an audio bible or read the bible if he was taking the LRT. Doing that helped him fill his mind with God’s ways.


3. He makes sure that he attends his cell group and Sunday service every week.


College life may be hard but with God, Paul learned that God can be trusted which helped him to depend more on Him. Are you having a hard time in college? Do not worry. Whatever mistakes or problems you have, He can fix it. Although He does not necessarily fix it for reasons to strengthen or discipline you, be certain that his peace would always stay with you. All you need to do is to come near him, just as you are.


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  1. I was having the same problem before but I keep trusting,believing and surrender everything to Him and now,my life is much better. Praise God! 🙂 

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