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23 Dec, 2012 by Natasha Kim-


The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (FGBMF or FGB in short) held a Christmas celebration recently to create awareness on the real purpose of Christmas and that is the birth of Jesus Christ! In order to extend the fun and allow many others to participate in this Christmas cheer, they held this celebration at the fully decorated concourse of Tropicana City Mall. The event was headed and organized by Mr. Robert Tan who is the Organizing Chairman with the help of many others from FGB.

The opening parade began at about 4 p.m. Many people crowded over the guardrails at all floors, as they watched the Chapter Presidents and FGB liaison officers marching in with their banners while some were blowing Shofars. Various Chapters came together from Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, and Klang to participate in this. It definitely showed unity as the men gathered in fellowship for their cause. Standing in front with the rest of the convoy, Dr. Wong Hong Meng, FGB Governing Councilor, began with a brief opening prayer.


FGB members marching in, bearing bearers and blowing Shofars.


Right after, Celine and Shaun from The New Covenant Church performed the Nativity Hip Hop performance. Celine composed the lyrics while her younger brother Shaun rapped it out soulfully to the crowd’s delight who sang with them. Simultaneously, carolers and others from the team sang and distributed fliers and magazines throughout the mall.


Lil' Shaun rapping on stage


After the brief performance, Arthur Lim’s family took over the stage. The big family with six musically-gifted children was headed and supported by Arthur, his wife and the family’s music teacher on stage. Each of them could sing and play different instruments such as the saxophone, the drums and the violin. A sight to behold, many watched with admiration at the family’s musical talent.


The Lim family performing on stage with their music teacher


Next, David Chiang and team sang a number of Chinese melodies including a few Chinese Christmas songs. They were very interactive as they managed to invite all the FBG members to participate in a line dance around the concourse, where they got into the groove of the music!


David Chiang and team on stage


Then, the Orang Asli children from Pahang and Kelantan –under Moses Soo’s Orang Asli Mnistry– turned up onstage with their beautiful costumes. This particular performance was special for them because it was their first time to the city where they got to experience sights they’ve never seen. They dedicated their songs and dance to the Lord, while the surrounding people sang along to encourage them.


The Orang Asli dance performance


Jack Piong and team also performed on-stage which included his family playing and singing along to Christmas songs with various instruments on stage. Next, their performance was followed by John Hong and his five-member team who played the Christmas Guitars. Their music was lively, livening up the mall with a dose of Christmas cheer.


Jack Piong and team playing their Christmas Special

John Hong and team and their Christmas guitar performance


The event then slowly came to an end with Raymond and Angelina’s performance. An inspiring performer, Angelina is also truly in love with Jesus Christ as she was saved from an untimely death. Now, she sings for the Lord! Finally, James Sze and team concluded the event with all the other FGB members coming onto the stage once more to sing their last few songs.


Raymond and Angelina on stage, performing acoustic harmony

James Sze and team having a sing along on stage


Although the performances had to end, the FGB members spent their Christmas in fulfillment knowing that they have shared the Christmas cheer and its true meaning, with the hope that they touched many lives. With that, the Deputy Regional Director, Mr. Jonathan Tan ended the event with a closing prayer and thanksgiving as everyone bowed their heads to pray along before finally adjourning. 


FGB banner bearers from different chapters standing together in unity


For more information on FGB, please visit http://www.fgb.com.my/


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