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“When God wants to change your life and boost your confidence; He must first change your self-image,” Keith Johnson said in the second part of his session. The Confidence Coach from Florida was speaking at the Crown Towers, Kuching recently.

“The self-image is how you see yourself,” he said sharing about what he called the Confidence Triangle. “The Confidence Triangle has three legs,” he said telling the self-image is how you see yourself; the self-esteem is how much you value yourself; and the self-talk is how you talk to yourself.

“The self- image is simply how you see you. However you see yourself, is how you shape your life conditions,” he said. “Earlier, you said you’re not what you should be; you thought your business could be better, you’d have more money by now or be richer by now,” he continued. Is that true, It that what you really want to be?

“Because, what you picture in your mind becomes true in time,” he said. Your internal picture is how you see yourself; it is how you view what your future is like. Whatever you internal pictures are, you have produced it today in your present. Everybody’s got an internal picture.


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Keith Johnson speaking at the Crown Square, Kuching.


“Some of you may say this is not where you want to be but your heart is the captain of your life,” he said. The subconscious part of you makes decision automatically; that’s the person that’s in charge of you,” he added. Most people in their mind say no, but in their heart say yes. He explained this by describing “your heart is an elephant and your mind is a flea.” The flea is riding the elephant telling him that it wants to go to the beach. Guess who’s in control? The elephant does not want to go to the beach but wants to go to the jungle. Guess where the flea is going?

“Everybody’s got an internal picture of how you see yourself; whatever that picture is, it’s shaping your entire life,” he said. The whole Bible in reality is about an image. “Image isn’t important, it is everything,” he said. A word is a description of the picture. “God love Himself so much, He is the Word,” he said. “The Bible is the Word of God.”

“God loves Himself so much that He wanted to create a picture that looks exactly like Him; so, He makes man in His own image and likeness,” he said. They both look the same because God gave man a picture, or ‘Adam when you look at Me, you’re seeing yourself.’ The whole Bible is book about a picture; God love Himself so much that He wanted people to look just like Him. It’s also a book about the enemy trying to destroy the picture. The battle is all about the picture you have inside of you; your self-portrait.



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Confidence Coach, Keith Johnson.


“The picture inside of you is how you see you,” he said. “As soon as Adam fell, man was not made in the image of God anymore; man was made in the image of Adam. Big difference; because Adam lost part of his God nature, it became upside down,” he said.  So he needed to be re-imaged but God had a plan and in the first commandment He said you shall love God with all your soul and strength and not make any false images. “If you look at Me, you become me; whatever you look at the most, you become,” he said.

“The more you look and think like Me, you think big! Because the Creator thinks big! The first thing God gave man was a picture, a picture of God,” he said. Then, God sent His son. Jesus is an express image of God to walk on earth so that we see the new picture of how God thinks, talks, and walks. And the Holy Spirit will re-image you back to the source.


Judges 6:12,

“And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him, and said to him, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!”


In Gideon, God saw a world class leader, but Gideon did not see himself how God did. It’s like he was working at McDonald’s when he should be president, he explained. “God sees more than we see ourselves; He’s seen more of us,” he said. “I came all the way from Florida to say, God is on your team!” he called. God says He will never leave you. God does not love you sometimes; God’s not angry. He loves you all the time!

“That’s motivational but that doesn’t change your life,” he said telling how he hates being called a ‘motivational’ speaker. “Why? Because if you motivate an idiot, you’ll just motivate him to do dumb things faster!” he said.

“You need transformation,” he said explaining ‘mighty man of valor’, in Hebrew meant confident, warrior and champion. A champion is a supreme being with all the attributes of a winner. When God wants to change Gideon’s life, He spoke a Word.

“When God comes in your life, He comes to coach you,” he said telling, “My assignment as your coach is to pull out your potential telling, ‘this isn’t who you are, it’s who you could be’.” God says nothing about Gideon being a grape tread. What he learned, “The minute I speak to a person’s potential, how they really see themselves comes out from the mouth and that comes the heart.” All the reasons why it can’t happen come out of a person’s mouth. Just like what most people will say, “Oh, my Lord …”


Judges 6:15,

“So he said to Him, “O my Lord, how can I save Israel? Indeed my clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.”


“Your life condition will always equal to your self-portrait. A man’s life is shaped by the mental picture he has of himself,” he said. Many people devalue themselves when they look in the mirror; they see a big nose, a short person – we see the difference. “It really is our difference that is our God plus factor,” he said.

“Jesus purchased us with His blood. That makes all of us expensive and all of us valuable,” he added. What you picture in your mind becomes true in time. How do you change? When God wanted to change Gideon, He came and showed him a new picture. You need to realize how you see yourself. If you’re not there yet, you don’t see is yet. What is seeable becomes believable. How do you change this picture? Just like when you take a bad picture, you delete it.

“You have the ability to imagine,” he said. We can create new words to create new images. We can create in our minds not who we are but who we want to be. When you feed the mind a picture and once the mind sees the picture and you believe it’s possible, all things are possible to him that believes.

“If you believe the picture will come to pass, your mind will open up to make the picture a reality,” he said. Who do I want to become? He wanted to become John Maxwell, modeled him, studied him and learned from him for years. “He was the picture I needed to get where I needed to go. But, guess what? Now I’m nothing like him. I evolved to my own person,” he said. You need a picture to get going; then you can evolve to be who you are.


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A session with Keith Johnson.


Paul told young Timothy to follow him because Paul followed Jesus – ‘Let me be your picture until you see Him too.’ “Feed your mind,” he said telling, “A picture of a hero you want to become; it is not enough to delete the old picture. You got to create a new dream board for your future.”

“When God came to Gideon, He spoke to his potential,” he said, but how he saw himself came out of his mouth. Keith Johnson then ended a practical session with ‘homework’ for the people.

Johnson ran two sessions at the Crown Towers hall during his visit to Kuching. Keith Johnson is America’s number one Confidence Coach. Keith Johnson is known as one of the premier speakers on the subjects of Christian leadership, confidence building, and strategic planning. He is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach for the John Maxwell team.


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