Is the Bible Reliable? Unique in its Accuracy (Part 4 of 6)

30 July 2013 by Joseph Tan-

Comparing the accounts of The Gilgamesh Epic (a Babylonian compilation of stories which predates the writings of the Old Testament), one may be impressed with the similarities between its Flood story with that in the book of Genesis. Hence, there are scholars who then surmise that the Biblical account was actually copied from the Babylonian writings. If this is true, then the authority of Scripture is in question because its source of credibility is no longer divine revelation but humanistic plagiarism. 

The discovery of The Gilgamesh Epic is an interesting case study concerning the accuracy of the Bible. There can only be three possibilities : 

(1) The Babylonians borrowed from the Hebrew account.

(2) The Hebrew account is dependent upon the Babylonian.

(3) Both are descended from a common original.

Check out this week's Answers Video to discover which of the three options above is most likely.

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