5th Annual Connexion Conference – Cornerstone Baptist Church at Sunway

15th Oct 2012.  By Natasha Kim  ,  CM  –

ConneXion International Youth Conference is a student driven movement that unites students from all colleges and universities to God and with each other. It is all about getting students from all over the world to meet for a one day conference to worship God, to study the Bible, pray, have fellowship, to get equipped and to also reach out.


Through comprehensive sessions and practical workshops, participants receive a wholesome diet of spiritual food and nourishment other than the literally physical delicious food they had during each break. This youth conference first began in the year 2008 and this is the fifth connection conference.

This year’s ConneXion conference was held on Saturday 13th October 2012 at Cornerstone Baptist Church, located at Jalan PJS 7/5, Bandar Sunway. It was held from 9 a.m. all the way up to 9 p.m. The church is one of the partners of ConneXion and was glad to extend a hand and provide facilities for the conference as well food and beverage. This conference saw many different students coming together from all ConneXion locations namely, Semenyih, Subang Jaya, Sunway-Monash University, Nilai, Taylors Lakeside, Penang and Cheras.

The writer was invited to the conference by a couple of friends from the United States. When I got there and entered the hall, I saw many students from all over sitting down immersed with what the student panel had to say on stage. At that time, Pastor Mark led the student panel of six and sat on the stage where discussions where open to questions that anyone had on the floor. They had interesting discussions on how Jesus Christ has affected them and what they would do after studies, for example to head into a ministry or just plainly follow Gods plan. They also had discussions about their families where some are non-Christians. In this particular discussion sister Jennifer Low voiced out saying. “I struggle at times with my parents. They are very understanding and are non-Christians. Sometimes they forget and gave me fruits they have offered to idols.”

Pastor Mark Tan with student panel on stage


The panel also answered questions that some of the students had about dating non-Christians saying that if you feel that your partner understands you and is willing to listen to you, you can make an impact on their life and teach them, then it is good. However, if they influence you more than you influence them then it is best to pull out of it. At the end of the day according to the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ befriended everyone and came down to earth to save everyone. Lastly, the student panel also talked about surrendering and not worrying, so that we all can be in a better place.

After discussions from the student panel, there was worship and praise. When that was done, we adjourned for tea break. There was also a time in the conference where students gave their offerings to the Church with thanksgiving for having them on this day.


To find out more about ConneXion contact 03-5621 2623/ 03-5631 1294.